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Unusual creative with multiple streams of high-quality commercial output based largely, though not exclusively, on seminal political paradigm, Agape (ugg ah' pay), that is, brotherly love, capable of, and intended to, "save the world," seeks like-minded, entrepreneurial individuals for support organization. Will share very generously in anticipated substantial revenue, projected in the millions.

Also has unique, informed, and compelling insight into the singular step required for fast, comprehensive, and likely permanent global resolution of the Coronavirus pandemic. Please click here.


I am Vincent Frank De Benedetto, writer, philosopher, musician, inventor, and more. It is unlikely that you've ever met someone like me. Acquaint yourself carefully and thoroughly with my work, links below, and see if you don't agree:  my prose, poetry, music, software design, and invention, for example, most output streams intended to convert this world from its present socio-existential bases of ego and profit--to Love, properly understood. Moreover, in such conversance you'll became acquainted with my intellect, command of language and idea, value system, creative output, dynamism, and singular dedication to use of all these tools to save this miserable world.

I am a teacher. In fact--The Teacher. Or certainly one of them. The principle that I teach is Love, brotherly love:

"Love, properly understood, is the most powerful social force available to humankind."

© 2019 Vincent Frank De Benedetto

Happily, I'm deft in packaging these ideas in a viable commercial format. The world needs, and indeed craves, what I'm offering: Hope. Love. A real chance to build a world that is not merely decent, but actually loving. A world optimized morally, and in every other way.

I have many streams of creative output, and it's likely that something will succeed in the marketplace. Even a single moderately successful invention or t-shirt idea, for example, would probably put us all on "Easy Street," that is, generate a large sum of consistent income, liberating us from the conventional capitalist grind. As all achievers, however, I need assistance. Those who assist me, unpaid for the time being, will earn when I earn. When I begin to produce vast sums of money, which I likely will--so will they. So will you. I need you. The world needs you.

Brother or Sister, if you're lucky you'll be alive on this Earth for 80 years or so. Whether you earn even a penny in your affiliation with, and support of, me and my work, there is literally nothing you can spend your limited and precious time on in this life more worthwhile and valuable than a considered association with a man with the means and resolve to build a world based on Love. A man with the means and resolve to recast our present miserable world of pain in accord with the principal of Love.

Join me. Please.

Song Demo

Here is a rough musical draft of VISION OF A WORLD, lyrics just below, likely the first global hit by MESSAGE OF HOPE, the musical act that comprises the MUSIC division of THE FSD GROUP (there are twelve other divisions).


Listen to this song draft several times in succession with headphones or decent speakers. Try not to listen through laptop speakers.

Strengths of the song include:

  1. It's simple.

  2. It's catchy and memorable.

  3. It's positive and optimistic.

  4. It's lyrics, though profound, are simple and easy to understand.

  5. People know instinctively that it's message is correct.

  6. It's subject matter and treatment of same is unusual, especially for popular music.

  7. It easily lends itself to a quiet, even folk interpretation, or a rock, or even heavy metal interpretation (the latter likely being what it'll get).

  8. It lends itself to a sing-along. Upon second or third hearing, the listener finds themselves singing along.

  9. It has an anthem-like quality.

  10. It's deceptively simple lyrics and message of hope is easily embraced by any person, of any age, in any circumstance, at any physical location, i.e. it gives expression and voice to everyone, because we're all in pain and wishing to be free and loved. An 8-year-old will buy this record, an 88-year old will buy this record.

  11. It lends itself to the sensibility of young people, who are desperate for a hopeful world, especially today (can you say Greta Thunberg?).

  12. It presents a compelling alternative to religious ideas that young people and others seek, in the face of the documented decline of organized religion.

The song bookends Shawn Gallaway's I CHOOSE LOVE in its simple power, the stark beauty of its vocal melody, and its singular thematic, Love. Unlike myself, however, I don't think that Shawn concomitantly presents a singular philosophical vision, within which his song resides, of what this world could, should, and indeed must be, if we're to actualize as a species, at best, or prevent our own destruction, at least, and the means to realize this vision and its corresponding objective.

In terms of your decision to join THE FSD GROUP, bear in mind that VISION OF A WORLD is but one song in a much larger body or catalog of my songs, and this body of songs, itself, comprises just one revenue stream--music. I have twelve other revenue streams!

In listening to, and assessing the song, keep in mind that what you're hearing here is a draft in every way: just me with a guitar in my kitchen! Once re-recorded, in a studio, with a full band of professional musicians, after I've had, say, a good six months of voice lessons, and the song has gone through its sequence of musical and lyrical improvements as a song, perhaps added more thoughtful verses, the finished product and final effect is going to be far different. I'm not asking you to judge a finished record or song, because that's not what this is. It goes without saying that the finished product will be far better in every way.

Your task at this moment is simply to judge my basic ability to create a compelling piece of music, including lyrics, and sing it.

If you do genuinely dislike the basic song, it doesn't matter, as it's the public that must like the song; not any one individual. Moreover, I have drafts of many songs; this is just one. If you don't care for this one, you'll probably like the next one. Moreover, any musical artist or performer of any kind will tell you, I've heard it many times, that it's often impossible to determine in advance what the public will like, anyway.

Having said all this, I think this is an excellent song that will, indeed, capture the imagination not just of Americans, but the global public, for the reasons specified, above.


© 2019 Vincent Frank De Benedetto

"Love, properly understood, is the most powerful social force available to Humankind."

I've seen
Different kind of world
I've dreamed
A better kind of place
I've thought
A perfect human space

I've wished
A way out of this place

I have a vision of a world
Where people work for pride
And for their fellow man
No money is required

Vision of a place
Where Love guides all we do
We'll take good care of me
We'll take good care of you

I have a vision of a world
Where we have understood
We've everything we need
To end our pain for good
Vision of a world
Were we have realized
Our real strength
Lies in - Love
And together we are wise

We'll each care for ourselves
Care for the other too
You will care for me
And I will care for you
No longer have the need
To exaggerate or lie
To steal a bigger slice
Of the ever-shrinking pie
I have a vision of a world
Where people work for pride
And for their fellow man
No money is required
Vision of a place
Where Love guides all we do
We'll take good care of me
We'll take good care of you

[- instrumental break -]

I've seen
Different kind of world
I've dreamed
A better kind of place
I've thought
A perfect human space

I've wished
A way

Out of this place

I Don't Want to Save the World

You may fare better in the De Benedetto ecosystem if you share my larger objective. If you don't, however, you can still join this project in order to realize the fantastic financial gains I'm predicting, and to learn. For working for, and with me, as I am a natural teacher, you will learn a lot, or at least as much as you want to.


Imagine that before you sat a precious stone--likely the most precious that the world has ever, or could ever, see. Or a $1M Lamborghini automobile--the most powerful and advanced motor vehicle ever engineered by human beings. Or a mysterious Oracle, beckoning you simply grasp the ancient parchment held before you, containing the wisdom of the ages that would surely transform the heart of man. Or a Prince, with eyes for both art and commerce, clutching double-fistfuls of solid gold freshly-minted doubloons, wishing to pour a goodly amount of the precious currency into your waiting hands.

Yet also imagine that you could not step forward to embrace any of these wonders, as both of your hands were manacled firmly behind your back. The world and all it ever has, could, or will offer lay before you, awaiting your embrace, but you could not act. You could do nothing, as you were fully and firmly restrained.

This imagined narrative captures my actual personal narrative, circumstance, and dilemma, as I caregive my parents full-time; first one, now the other. I have a seminal set of ideas in political and moral philosophy, presently manifest in my prose, poetry, music (and even t-shirt design), and I have other extremely promising talents such as invention ideas that I cannot properly and substantively act on, specifically, cannot further develop and commercially promulgate, as my caregiving responsibilities have tied both hands behind my back.

In fact, the more expansive way to understand the circumstantial limitation that I cite is that it's not actually a limitation at all, but a necessary expression of the power of Love and the strength of my commitment to it. It's the most cogent and certain way of knowing that I take Love seriously--my acting in proper accord with its dictates in caregiving my parents. In fact, were I to sideline or discount this responsibility for care as they age and grow ill, my commitment to Love could properly be viewed as suspect, thereby calling into question my own veracity, and the very power of the principal, itself, and the work that it animates--the very work that I cannot interject into the world because I've answered the call to act in accord with this principal and this work in a specific time and place.

Why would I, and how could I, disobey or disregard a principal that is as vital and powerful as I'm claiming, and forms the core of my work, itself?

So I dutifully execute the tasks required by the principal and my commitment to it, though said execution ironically leaves precious little time to promulgate the principal through large-scale artistic and commercial expression. My ideas will save this world. And because I have the intellect and creativity to present them to the world in a highly commercial framework and package, it is my firm belief that I, and those who assist me, can and likely will earn vast sums of money.

If you understand that this world is as much yours, as mine, as much of your progeny, as mine, as much a place you wish to see thrive morally and otherwise, as I do, you begin to understand that this is not just my dilemma--it's ours.

So please contact me, below, to offer yourself as a member of TEAM MESSAGE OF HOPE (i.e. those working with and for my Start-Up THE FSD GROUP, so-named because MESSAGE OF HOPE, my musical project, and related projects, are among the most important of all FSD GROUP work and activity areas.


Who I Am

I am Vincent Frank De Benedetto:  philosopher; New York Times-cited and quoted writer; poet; neologist (creator of new words); Agape Master (uh gop' ay, i.e. brotherly love, "agape" in Greek philosophy); Silence Activist (and here and here); health educator; musician; past and present family caregiver (Father, now Mother); former Leafblower & Community Relations Expert at a top national anti-noise organization (details available); and founder of THE FSD GROUP, a comprehensive conceptual framework for my commercial innovation, representing and uniting my twelve fledgling business entities.

The crown jewels of, among, and within these work areas are my music, prose, and poetry, forming the principal activity of my de facto operational vehicle, the DE BENEDETTO MUSIC & WRITING STUDIO.

I hold a B.A. in Philosophy from Seton Hall University. I presently maintain about 30 web sites, each of which I conceived, researched, wrote, and built.

(Full bio here.)

I'm from a talented family: my work has been cited and quoted by the New York Times. My Father was on television:  a guest composer on the old Joe Franklin television program. My Uncle was a painter. And there's much more to come.

THE FSD GROUP, my fledgling company comprised of about twelve divisions, requires assistance. My most important output, in its power to save the world (yes, I'm serious) and generate vast fortunes (still serious), indeed the crown jewels of these endeavors, is my 3-volume book set comprised of LOVE, PROPERLY UNDERSTOOD, NEIGHBORS OF DEATH, THE ACTUALIZED SOCIETY:  THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN & THE END OF EGO-CAPITALISM, and my politico-musical project MESSAGE OF HOPE.

Also important is my poetry; the body of fine musical composition of my Father Frank Salvatore De Benedetto, including his candidate for official New Jersey State Song Let Us Talk About the People; and DeBenedetto Composer, a software writing tool I'm designing specifically for the non-networked solo writer.

These projects comprise an operational group called the DE BENEDETTO MUSIC & WRITING STUDIO ("the Studio"), and it is this entity for which I require and must develop a support staff, starting with a Personal Assistant and Web Designer--one or both of whom could be you!

The FSD GROUP Design Division, predicated on the twenty or so compelling invention ideas that I've conceived (so far), also has the power to generate vast fortunes, though it is not part of the Music & Writing Studio.


You might question my assertion that, while working without pecuniary compensation (i.e. money) for now, you will later reap rich rewards. Are you telling me, you might query, that when you realize, for example, $2M in profit from sales of one of your books, albums, inventions, or t-shirt messages, you're going to give me $1M?

If you have been with me for a substantial period of time, proven your loyalty, commitment, and fidelity to my instruction regarding execution of assigned tasks, willingness to undertake any assigned task, and hard work--yes, that's precisely what I'm telling you. When I earn my first $2M, I'll be handing you a check for $1M, or thereabouts.

Alternatively, if you have been working for and with me, though not one of my top lieutenants, you'll still receive substantial compensation. For example, for every $1M I earn, I might give you $250,000.

We can capture this language in an official contract, if desired.

The point is, I'm obviously not a capitalist-minded person, far from it, nor a typical capitalist "employer." Accordingly, I will be uncommonly generous in allocating your share for your efforts in assisting me in building the FSD GROUP.

And you'll be assisting in saving the world, in likely the best and only realistic way that it can be saved, as every thinker, leader, and revolutionary of real import has always known and taught:  through Love.

In all, not a bad way to spend your limited years on this Earth.

Learn to Recognize Opportunity

Most people in their lifetimes do not have the resources, their own or that of others, whether intellect, creativity, or wisdom, to earn a substantial amount of money. Most of us simply grind away at this or that job. I, however, writer, philosopher, musician, revolutionary, inventor, health educator, "silence activist," "Agape Master," and family caregiver Vincent Frank De Benedetto am a font of creativity, that can be harnessed in our capitalist framework to earn substantial sums, for myself and those around me. Ordinarily someone like me, ambitious and a strong creative, requiring assistance would simply hire a person and pay them some relatively low amount of money. In my case I'm working initially on a shoe-string and can't afford to do that--which makes this your lucky day. To attract team members, I'm promising that for individuals committed to help me now, on an unpaid basis, I will share liberally in my earnings, later, well out-of-proportion to their efforts. In other words:  I make a million, you make a million, or something like this.

To join THE DE BENEDETTO MUSIC & WRITING STUDIO, or indeed any division of THE FSD GROUP, you must be 1.) reasonably intelligent, and 2) care deeply about people and the condition of the world--or be willing, with my help, to cultivate these qualities, in some measure, in yourself.

I require a full staff possessing, in toto, a range of skills, starting if possible with a Personal Assistant and a Web Designer.

Joining the De Benedetto Studio is a truly unique and rare opportunity extended to you. Regarding my politico-musical project, MESSAGE OF HOPE, if desired we can arrange a demo session where I can introduce you to my material, music and lyrics, and performance, so you can hear for yourself their potential. I've also begun building a body of poetry, and I should additionally mention that my Father, Frank Salvatore De Benedetto, himself a musical composer, has his own body of fine musical composition and poetry that we can potentially use to generate income.

To consider involvement, please read through as much of the content at as many of my sites, as possible. If you find yourself impressed with my intellect, facility in language, business and other creativity, deep and earnest concern for people and the condition of the world, unique and powerful program for change to save the world, or active daily practice of Brotherly Love, as conveyed implicitly or explicitly at this or any of my other approximately 30 websites, I strongly recommend that you consider this genuinely unique opportunity to join THE FSD GROUP. There are ten divisions and an opportunity for just about everyone. Persons from all walks of life are accepted.

If you'd care to involve yourself with these efforts through financial support instead of, or in addition to, your time donation, that would be welcomed, as well.

If you want to 1.) literally help save the world, in the only meaningful way possible, and 2.) make a lot of money, likely in the millions, please contact me to join TEAM MESSAGE OF HOPE.


If social science and the employ of music, prose, and poetry to change the world is not precisely your cup of tea, the good news is that the Message of Hope Music & Writing Studio is just one division, albeit its most important by far, of its parent entity THE FSD GROUP. This larger framework includes nine other divisions concerned with the other areas of activity that you can assist with.

MAKE A MILLION, SAVE THE WORLD, originally a stand-alone website, went live on Sunday, January 07, 2018. As true of nearly all content at my approximately 30 websites, I wrote every word, here.


If uncertain about joining THE FSD GROUP, JUST LOOK AT, AND LISTEN TO, THE WORK (the most developed of which is presented, just below):  if 1.) the seminal character and magnetic appeal of its thematic, the desirability, if not necessity, of a complete global shift to Love, and a realistic way to do it, and 2.) the expression of this thematic, that is, the quality, potential, and appeal of the writing and the music, don't convince you, likely nothing will.

If they have convinced you--then you need to join THE FSD GROUP right now.

Most Developed Work

The following projects are my most developed, meaning, closest to completion and generation of income:

  1. BOOK, My Magnum Opus:


  2. BOOK, Sister Volume to LOVE; Volume II of my AGAPE TRILOGY:


  3. BOOK:


  4. ALBUM:

    MESSAGE OF HOPE, MESSAGE OF HOPE, a teaser example of which you just heard, above, the song draft VISION OF A WORLD.

. . . . .


Discouraged, Overwhelmed, Intimidated

If, relatedly, in serious consideration of participation in THE FSD GROUP you've read carefully through this web page, or one or more of my thirty web sites, and now find yourself discouraged or overwhelmed--don't be. You'll likely never match my intellect and devotion to humanity, mutually informing my voluminous targeted creative output in prose, poetry, music, invention, and more. Which poses no problem as such capacity and product of capacity is irrelevant to the job that I'm calling upon you to do. Simply assist me as requested and you'll satisfy us both. I will help shepherd you through the work.

(Perhaps one day your own capacities or inclinations will sufficiently develop--then it will be you seeking to build a support organization.)

If unsure, you can ease into a position. For example, as of this date, June 27, 2019, the first two tasks I'd like done are simply two easy telephone calls--and you can make them from home, or your mobile phone no matter where you are.

You don't have to commit to a large bloc of weekly hours to begin working with THE FSD GROUP. If unsure, dip your toe in the water with a simple one-hour weekly commitment.

Affiliation with me and THE FSD GROUP will likely include a large helping of guidance, wisdom, and learning for you built into your position, and your relationship with me, if you wish it. And in the best of cases I'll learn from you, as well.

Several kinds of opportunities exist, then, for you to work for, and with, me, Vincent Frank De Benedetto, philosopher, writer, poet, musician, teacher, Agape Master, health educator, counselor, silence activist, inventor, and more, as described, above, as I work at the bleeding edge of social science, the area I term "the new science of Agape," doing some of the most important work that can and must be done to optimize this world, at best--and ensure its very survival, at least.

And you can assist meaningfully in this grand project!

. . . .

*For elucidation of Agape Master, see bottom of Rank page, subsection AGAPE MASTER, here. Pronounced uh goh' pay.

Next Step

Next, study THE FSD GROUP website. Determine which of its thirteen divisions you might like to contribute to. Emphasis is presently on certain divisions as the site will explain, but every division is open for contribution.

Speak with me directly if we're in the same geographical location, or contact me at OneHumanFamily @ (omit both spaces surrounding the "@" symbol). While designed to be highly informative, my web sites are still static vehicles for communicating, discussing, and understanding me, my body of work, and your potential role--if genuinely interested, a live conversation is next needed, and participation in my somewhat formalized presentation of my background, each company division, and the work that pertains to each. The presentation is a more in-depth examination of my work, during which I'll also demo my musical material and poetry, and we'll plumb what kind of tasks you'd like to undertake, ranging from the more cerebral such as securing me a short list of literary agents, without which my books can't be published, to the more manual or hands-on in nature such as groundskeeping and processing of recyclables and refuse, here at official FSD GROUP Headquarters (my house at present), on the East Coast of the United States, about fifteen minutes from New York City.

Both categories of work are vital to free me up so I can devote myself exclusively to the work that will 1.) save the world, and 2.) generate what I firmly believe will be a million-dollar income for us:  me, you, and all of TEAM MESSAGE OF HOPE.

Simply email me your telephone number and I'll call at your convenience.

Grunt Work

By "grunt work" I refer to the confluence of classes of work that tend to rely as much on physical movement as cerebral activity, ranging from yard work, to grocery and other shopping.

Brothers and Sisters, as regards these categories of work, especially the hands-on, it's a virtual certainty that I, myself, have done more work caregiving and co-managing our household, house, and property over the last 20 years since my Father became ill--including groundskeeping and processing of recyclables and refuse--than any team member, no matter how dedicated, will ever do for THE FSD GROUP. So feel no subordination or chagrin if you're assigned manual tasks--it's a noble and important category of work for the company and the Team. I'm open to the notion that everyone should share such tasks, anyway.

For me, however, there's no time for that now:  if we're to realize the gains in social change for the larger world and monetary gain for ourselves that I anticipate, I must now resolutely hand-off such work to you in Team Message of Hope, so I can undertake my creative pursuits full-time, to produce the results that we want and the world needs.

I do note that even with much of my surplus work (what I call "grunt work") handed-off to my staff, Team Message of Hope, I'll still have a voluminous amount of non-creative work to do, now, including the continuation of care to my Mother, and many other tasks such as I've been doing for almost twenty years now. But the difference between voluminous and impossible is what will make the critical difference in my finally being able to crank out the creative work that we need done.

If unsure--take a meeting with me to begin to concretely understand the kind of products and services my startup company aspires to trade in, and how the world, and we, can greatly benefit. View my presentation and hear my music and poetry. There is no cost, there will be no pressure during or after the meeting, and you have nothing to lose, yet literally everything to gain--as does the world, through YOUR efforts!

Commercial & Social Innovation of Vincent Frank De Benedetto